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coach for life
the crossfit woden difference

All our workouts can be scaled to enable 60-year-old grandparents to work out with 20-year-old students.

At CrossFit Woden we believe in an inclusive environment based on having fun and getting fitter together. Our classes run for 45 mins to an hour which includes warm-up, the workout and cool down. One of the things we pride ourselves on at CrossFit WODen is being able to provide all our clients with a coach for life.

What’s a coach for life? Well, it’s something you won’t find at many gyms!

The majority of fitness facilities are marred by a constant revolving door of coaches, or as we call them, “coaches for now.” The average career length of a personal trainer is around two years. For the client, this means the moment you start to feel connected to a coach, that coach or trainer leaves the gym and is replaced by a new, unfamiliar face.

A coach for life, on the other hand, is a professional coach committed to being a fitness professional for his entire career. He/she wants to work with his clients for decades: Kind of like how many people have the same doctor, dentist, and accountant for decades. The concept of a coach for life is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
CrossFit Kids Trainer
CrossFit Movement and Mobility
Australian Weightlifting Federation Weightlifting /
Sports Power Coach License 1

Pete is passionate about coaching and ensuring athletes get the most out of their sessions at CrossFit WODen. He has been involved in coaching in Canberra since he was 16, coaching rugby union from under 10s all the way to senior rugby. After attending his first CrossFit session Pete was hooked and found a new passion for fitness. Pete was a CrossFit coach in Perth at Cooee CrossFit and when he moved back to Canberra in 2012, there was nothing to do but open his own box! He loves the social competition in a CrossFit environment and the fun of working out with others. Pete enjoys nothing more than seeing athletes reach their goals!

sascha tank

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Sascha fell in love with Crossfit 7 years ago when his son was born. At the time he had no idea what Crossfit was until his wife suggested he should check it out to see what all the fuss was about. Instantly he was hooked and obsessed trying to learn and absorb as much information as he could about Crossfit. Five years ago an opportunity arose, and I started coaching and have never looked back. Continuously learning and researching to enable me to help and guide people who are also looking to better their lives through fitness.. Sascha has competed at the Crossfit Games twice in 2016 and 2017 in the masters. He has learnt a lot from these two experiences and is very happy to share his knowledge.

Merrin starr

ssFit Level 1 Trainer
rossFit Level 2 Trainer
Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
Level 1 Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach
Certificate 3 & 4 in fitness

Mez loves helping people from all different walks of life achieve their goals.Amongst playing for the Brumbies, competing in surf boat rowing and serving the wider community as a Firefighter, Mez discovered CrossFit in 2013 and hasn't looked back. Officially becoming a CrossFit Coach in 2015, she enjoys the functional aspect of CrossFit and being able to empower her clients and members as they achieve things they never thought possible.
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