July 17, 2019

As a CrossFitter, there are a plethora of movements, some that you may fear at one point or another. A snatch, handstand, heavy deadlifts, muscle ups, swimming, box jumps…just to name a few. You may be afraid of pain, failing, falling, drowning or missing. You may fear doing something because you’ve been hurt doing it in the past, or because you’ve seen someone get hurt or fail badly.If you focus on what you’re afraid of, or what you don’t want to happen, you will lose sight of everything you need to do to be successful. This type of negative thinking creates even more anxiety and stress, causing you to doubt your ability to perform.

Have you ever been there?

These fears could prevent you from trying, and from reaching your goals.So you have a choice to make – do you want to let your fears limit you, or will you work to overcome them? Today's blog is about giving you some tips to make sure that your doubts, worries and fears don’t keep you from becoming your best.

You must confront fear to move past it

Sometimes you’ll be able to tell yourself “just bloody go for it,” and you get past a fear quickly. Other times, it may take some time to work through. Overcoming fear is often a process, just like your training.

6 Tips To Overcome Your Fear of a Certain Movement

1. Get a coach involved-Make sure this is someone that you trust and that you’re able to be completely honest with how you feel. Great coaches have plenty of experience and if you ask for help, they’ll be able to instruct you properly.2. Visualise success –Take some time to close your eyes, and imagine yourself completing the movement(s). Think about how you look, how it feels and exactly what you’ll be focused on. Imagine everything from your approach, to your set up, to exactly how you’ll go through the movement to be successful.3. Break it down –Start with something very simple that you know that you can do successfully like a a lighter lift or a modified version of the movement. Do TONNES of reps at something you feel confident with and drill that movement over and over again.4. Take and watch video of yourself –  Watch a video of yourself successfully completing the movement, or of others who have mastered the movement that you’re afraid of. Seeing yourself and others complete a movement is incredibly powerful and reinforces good technique and confidence that it IS possible.5. Focus on specific movement cues –As you set up to go for it, repeat reminders that help you move better. Think about one or two basic cues that will improve your technique of that movement, setting you up for success. Keep the reminders short and specific to what you want your body to do.6. Practice a few “mess-ups” – Ideally, you would have practiced this in your training WODs, well before you compete. For example, if you’re about to do a barbell movement, you should absolutely make sure that you’ve practiced dumping the bar safely. You’ll gain confidence in knowing how to correctly fail the reps so that it won’t have to cross your mind when it’s go-time.Try these 6 strategies if you’re stuck on a movement because of fear.

At the end of the day, it's important to remember something.

Having fear about trying a new movement, something you’ve been hurt on before, or attempting a PR, it means something truly powerful – You have taken steps to improving yourself and becoming better at something.You are attempting to push past your previous limits, and you care deeply about what you are doing. That says more about you than anything else.So, the next time you can sense fear during a big lift or a tough WOD, remind yourself that going forward, in spite of your fears, always makes you better.

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